Client Education

At Restore HOMEhealthCARE of Oklahoma, it is our mission to educate our clients on disease prevention and treatment. The value of patient education can be summarized as follows:

  • Improved understanding of medical condition, diagnosis, disease, or disability.
  • Improved understanding of methods and means to manage multiple aspects of medical condition.
  • Improved self advocacy in deciding to act both independently from medical providers and in interdependence with them.
  • Increased Compliance – Effective communication and patient education increases patient motivation to comply.
  • Patient Outcomes – Patients more likely to respond well to their treatment plan – fewer complications.
  • Informed Consent – Patients feel you’ve provided the information they need.

Coming Soon:

Downloadable patient teaching packets for disease specific conditions. Restore HOMEhealthCARE of Oklahoma values your health and looks forward to providing you with ongoing up to date materials for managing a variety of conditions. 

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